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Elea created, produces, delivers, and provides system-as-a-service (SaaS) functions that help Save Lives, Improve Lives, Empower Lives for individuals, families and communities, by employing practical real-world Intelligence in pragmatic technologies. These are highly integrated with one another and with other applications and resources including a large number of common, public-access services pertaining to public health, personal and home healthcare, safety, emergency preparedness and response:

IQ Walker

A family of component units that attach to many commercial walkers in use by millions, as well as wheelchairs, baby strollers, and bicicyles, plus the IQ Walker itself, a completely new generation of assisted-walking devices. Avoid falls! Navigate through the house and yard better. Have reminders for things to do and not to do. Avoid falls and obstacles! Notify care-givers and others in events where help is needed. Have instruments and medicines ready and at-hand when needed. Avoid falls, obstacles, and confusing, distressing, life-threatening events!

Note! IQ Walker components are not only for assisted walker devices! They also work on and with: wheelchairs, baby strollers, children's bikes - all doing Functions of Safety, Stability, Balance, Look-About, and --- what you'd expect that a caring, loving, attentive person like a parent, sibling, teacher, caregiver, would and should do!

We deliver components that work with each other and with virtually any walker, wheelchair, stroller or comparable device - and we produce our own specialized walker which is the best and safest product on the market.

This may be the best product to come *not* out of "SiliconE Valley". Ours does in fact have real smarts in it which serves people, does not confuse, and does not invade privacy...


Compact, low-cost, easy-to-use safety system for personal and commercial boats and ships. Easy set-up, practically no maintenance, and nothing to rush about and do if there is an emergency - it knows what to do to bring assistance and help rapidly, faster, from responders and rescuers.

Anyone can handle and operate this and it stays out=of-sight, out-of-the-way, when not needed. In an accident, this can Save Your Life and those other people onboard. Every boat should have one, and soon every commercial and guest-carrying boat will be mandated to have one of these, and we are the ones providing it for Your Now and Your Tomorrows. Cost is under $1,000 - your lives are worth far more!


Suite of apps for mobile phones, laptops, and computers, for aiding people who need to know, rapidly, instantly, what is going on with emergency services, and especially for situations where there is a large-scale public emergency such as a forest fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or social disturbance. Where are the police, fire and other responders? Where are roads open or blocked? Simple, clear, fast, accurate - and No Confusion - and also ))) No Ads... No Ads... No Ads!!!

Plus... Help in fast-track remembering what you always wanted to grab and take - and where it is right now - in the event that you would ever need to leave your home or present-place in 10 minutes or less because there's no time to waste if you want to Survive.

What and where did you put all those critical important can't-do-without things for your "Go-Bag"? Your passport, special documents, favorite family photos, irreplaceable mementoes, even that stash of cash...??? EMSnet gives you the easy map and reminders. You may only have minutes to grab things and GO. Not the time to be wondering about things and delaying. It could cost lives. No Ads... No Ads... No Ads!!!

Plus(!) EMSnet is completely integrated with public authority networks - and of course, without infringing our your privacy and independence and peace of mind. EMSnet is linked with IQ Walker as well, and RoboRescue.

Furthermore - in these days when finally the whole World knows much more about the risks of epidemics and pandemics, including but not limited to COVID-19, there is the Fact that EMSnet is also geared-up and powered-up with functions to assist you and your family in knowing more, real, actual facts and situations regarding Pandemic and other Infection Risks. EMSnet is not only about the risks we can see, "out there", but the risks that are invisible and also deadly.

Brought to you - invented and built by - people who actually worked and lived in eXtreme Situations around the world - and survived to build things like EMSnet to help You and your Family do the Same.


We do some things very, very differently with those things called drones.

We save lives. We bring things when no one else can bring it to you. We lift you up and bring you to safety. Out of the raging water, away from the approaching lethal flames and smoke. Out of death's door, if there is no time, no means, no way, for the People with the trucks and ambulances and cars to reach you.

RoboRescue in different formats has already been used to Save Lives in our World that is going through many severe and often extreme events like floods, fires, and storms.

This is a Life Saver that flies to You and Has Brains and Gets You and your loved ones out of harm's way and to Safety.

Home Safe Ed

Online-sensitive-personalized and onsite-in-person Informing, Educating, Training for People in what folks need to know and do to protect themselves and their families, homes, pets, livestock and personal belongings from potential severe risk of damage, injury, death, loss, due to storms, forest fires, floods, and other potential catastrophes.

Home Safe Ed is a very special undertaking that grows out of Elea Corporation and its parent, Intelligence Renaissance Industries, in the spirit of Community and Corporate Response-Ability:

Home Safe Ed is a Program for Your Families and Futures
Prepared and Led by Today's Youth and Tomorrow's Leaders

What Home Safe Ed does - it addresses:

  • Your home and other structures
  • Your automobile, truck and other vehicles
  • Your trees, lawn and other vegetation
  • Your ups and downs of your land's topography
And what can happen in All Four Seasons and in the ongoing and increasing extremes of climate change and environmental irregularities

Is Designed and Delivered by Special-Trained Bright Youth who are still in middle-school and high-school, our "Montana Rangers" Interns:

  • Kids who thought they were bored and sick and tired with this life
  • Youth who thought there was No Way Out
  • Teens who thought that Escape was the only option
  • Kids with Brains, Energy, Spirits, and Power, who just needed to find folks like us willing to listen and to work with them to Discover and Create New and Better for us all.

Fire risk, sudden flash floods, extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme blizzards. Just a few of the things that mean that people need to be more aware and more prepared with their homes and their families and everything else they have that matters to them and others.

Add in basic health and safety about food supply and care, hygiene, viruses.

Add in the fact that the internet is fine but besides the complexities of what's right and what's wrong, there can be down-times, especially when there are bad storms or other severe situations.

People need to know more and better for their own safety, health, well-being and happiness. Especially folks who may have moved into a new area like Montana and need to adjust to basics about mountains, climate, and everything else in their environment.

Home Safe Ed is a program designed by a unique team of experienced mentors and intelligent youth - children in middle and high school and older ages - who want to do something for giving better resources, guidance and assistance to their families, neighbors and communities. They do everything on a volunteer basis, organized, coordinated, mentored by elders from their families and throughout the community. That includes volunteer teacshers, professors, doctors, police, firefighters, veterans, and many others.

Home Safe Ed is absolutely not only something “online”. It definitely has all that, with a big emphasis on easy-to-understand videos, comics, things to appeal to people from every age, from pre-school on up to post-retirement. But besides what exists in media – text, pictures, videos – there is live-team help that can bring real physical assistance – know-how and muscle-power – by energetic, trained, skilled young men and women – to families and homesteads in need.

Sometimes people want to do things to change and improve their lives, including things in and around the home, but it just insn't quite possible due to any of a number of situations. That is where sometimes Home Safe Ed folks can put in a helping hand – or actually, more like 6 or 8 or 12 helping hands – on an afternoon or a weekend, and get a lot of valuable things done around someone's home. Things that can be a life-saver and a property-saver for those folks and their neighbors, in the event of something like a forest fire or a flood.

Read MORE on Home Safe Ed

More Information on Everything from ELEA is forthcoming - specifications, images, videos, demonstrations - just contact us directly to learn more. IQ Walker units and walkers are Affordable for Anyone, and if you cannot, we'll help you.


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