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Sāngāng Wŭcháng ​三纲五常
"3 Bonds, 5 Virtues in the Arts and Sciences"
Scholarship Program for Youth

This is a privately-funded Scholarship Program for International and Multicultural Youth in the Arts and Sciences.

Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI), in collaboration with TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics and M Dudziak & Company, are the co-originators and co-developers of this unique and first-of-kind Program which makes annual awards to four young students in different countries around the world.

Our company, IRI, has been selected as the administrative coordinator of this Program.

Each year, commencing in 2022, IRI will make financial-honorarium awards to four individuals in four geocultural regions of the world, for specific use in studies and projects within science, technology, engineering, mathematics and/or the arts.

The basis of the awards program is a set of criteria established by the originators. There are no applications, solicitations or competitions. Awards are made by the Awards Committee to select individuals who have been nominated by members of the Committee through recommendations by professional associates and colleagues worldwide. Information is gathered and reviews are conducted during the course of the preceding year, and awards are made.

The Awards Committee membership remains anonymous in order to preserve objectivity and to minimize situations of solicitation or conflict of interest.

The fundamental criteria are as follows:

  • Awardees are students enrolled and matriculating within high school or university programs, ages 12 - 20.

  • Scholarship proceeds may be used at the discretion of the awardee for several specific types of expenditures: tuitions and other formal expenses of attending a school or university, and expenses related directly to a research project, including materials, instruments, travel to conferences or other special events, and similar typical costs of study, experiment, production and/or public presentation.

  • One award is made to a student who is a resident and citizen of the People's Republic of China.

  • One award is made to a student who is a resident and citizen of a country within North America, including (but not limited to) the United States, Canada and Mexico.

  • One award is made to a student who is a resident and citizen of a country within Europe, including (but not limited to) the European Union, United Kingdom, and the Russian Federation.

  • One award is made to a student who is a resident and citizen of a country outside of Europe, China and North America.

Awardees are students with exceptional creativity, dedication, innovation, selflessness, attention and care to others, and whose lives have been affected with situations that demonstrate courage, determination, diligence, honor and respect.

Student interests, accomplishments, and award-supported projects may be in a very wide variety of disciplines and topics, within those fields generally understood to be "arts" and "sciences" in a traditional manner.

The Scholarship Program is inspired and guided by classical, traditional principles of ethical and virtuous living in human relationships and social conduct.

The "Three Fundamental Bonds" (Sāngāng; ​三纲) pertain to and reflect traditional society’s most fundamental social relationships: parents and children, seniors and youth, and marital partners. As essential relationships, these three serve as shorthand for all human relationships. The Five Constant Virtues (Wŭcháng; ​五常) pertain to the virtues of benevolence (ren 仁), righteousness (yi 義), propriety (li 義), wisdom (zhi 智), and trustworthiness (xin 信). As with the Fundamental Bonds, these five virtues are the most significant ones and thus serve as shorthand for all the Confucian virtues. In other words, the Three Fundamental Bonds designate the social relationships that are essential for structuring human social life, while the Five Constant Virtues are the values needed to live a moral life

Information about prospective students, who may be appropriate for this Program, should be directed to attention of The Scholarship Awards Committee, via a precise and concise letter from interested parties to with the word "Scholarship" in the subject-line.

Thank You.

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