BioProt is full-scope Antimicrobial Bioprotection for surfaces and objects including for entire facilities and structures (rooms, bujildings, vehicles), using a coordinated repertoire of antimicrobial chemical treatments and biosensor instrumentation. Unlike simple disinfectants, UV, or other short-term measures, the BioProt repertoire employs one or more of several fully-approved (EPA, EEA, other agencies), and fully-tested (rigorously, by multiple recognized international laboratories) anti microbials that are permanent, long-lasting, and without effects upon appearance, handling or other considerations.

BioProt treatments can be applied to textiles of any type, and to typical contact-surfaces of any type, and we can provide for in-manufacture uses (e.g., in the production of plastic objects handled by people).

BioProt from IRI and IRI-only is Much More than merely simple surface applications of chemical compounds in spray, paint, or other formats. BioProt from IRI provides full, rigorous, scientific and medical analysis of a client's facilities, operations, and all procedures and methods that involve nhumans, animals, air/water/materials flow, and contact potentials. This is Absolutely Essential for any adequate, serious, effective antimicrobial bioprotection.

Simple surface applications, simple and even "low-cost" procedures that spray, coat, dip, or otherwise give treatments with any antimicrobial chemical - will be substantially and even grossly Ineffective and can result in grave harm including and exceeding the risks of individual and mass-contagion and infection.

Only (1) a full analysis prior to, and aiding in the design and implementation, of any physical antimicrobial treatment plan, combined with (2) a plan for post-treatment monitoring including use of appropriate sensors and analytical procedures, combined with (3) analysis and changes in facility and staff operations and procedures, combined with (4) appropriate education and training for staff, visitors, students, patients, or other persons and populations --- only such a full "bioprotection intelligence program" will be suitable for securing the safety, health, and well-being for all persons who may be potentially involved with a given facility, building, room(s), instruments, equjipment, and other material objects.

Contact IRI directly to discuss precisely how BioProt is configured, delivered and maintained, and how it can be optimized for your hospital, public health department, corporation, or national agency. We will explain why with BioProt we provide the most reliable and continuous, long-term and renewable protection against all recognized viral, bacterial and fungal pathogen threats, combined and linked with an ability to address the needs of community diagnostics for a complex combination of infectious, inflammatory and neurological diseases "in tandem".

BioProt can be purchased and delivered in a variety of configurations that all comprise appropriate surface and/or material treatments, both post-manufacture and in-manufacture.

The history and roots of BioProt go back to pre-H1N1 and pre-SARS. The chemical products used in the actual treatment plans are all EPA/ESA approved. BioProt is economically and socially an integral component in any nation's defense against epiudemic-type diseases becoming out-of-control pandemics with grave lethal consequences.

BioProt is Effective Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Tests have been performed repeatedly by leafding erecognized laboratories in USA, EU, SG, AU and other countries.

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