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There are current opportunities for employment within all areas of scientific and technical areas of research, product development, and within product implementation and customer interactions. Also there are openings within business and funding development, marketing and sales, communications and public relations, and select areas of executive management including board-level directorship positions.

Use the menu above in order to learn about who we are, how we operate, and what a difference we are making in the world, through our science and technology and through the way we operate as a Company.

Through the menu, you will find brief descriptions about the kind of persons and talents we seek. You will also find references here to employment and teaming opportunities with our close affiliate, TETRAD Institute, a private and not-for-profit research institute.

Note that there are opportunities for qualified people within: USA, Canada, EU, UK, Russia and other countries. Many "STEMM" positions allow for remote-work, home-based or school-based work, and either do not require any physical travel/commuting or such travel is minimal. ("STEMM" = science, tevchnology, engineering, mathematics, medicine)

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