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Our Main Focus in 2021+  ---  in Medicine and Public Health
IRI has been selected as the commercial partner for a new multi-institutional international project in dysautonomia and cardiopathology:
Neuroplex-C Project

Precisely What We Do And Deliver To You

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Preliminary Set of Documents Publicly Available



3. C4L Intelligence Systems - Corporate Product Service Overview

4. C4L_AIS_brief-overview_mjd_07may21

5. 2021 Update: Our Special Programs for Our Clients

6. Precisely What We Do And Deliver To You

7. Core Company Briefing Set [multiple docs]
Read these for succinct answers to what we do, who we are, and how we do it

8. Read the Concise Summary of Our Product Suite

9. Joint RFP Announcement (10 Projects, upcoming awards and contracts)

These constitute a suite of related Projects that are initiated, managed, coordinated by IRI's close partner, TETRAD Institute for Complex System Dynamics. The Projects have budgets and funding that will be awarded to partners and collaborators. IRI is involved in several of these as a collaborator.

10. Management Practices Set [multiple docs]

These here, now, are principally about teamwork, "coadunatio", management, and how a company can be thoroughly and completely ethical and extraordinarily profitable at the same time. We swim against the current of what has become all-too-popular and all-too-acceptable in business and especially now in science and technology. We are very "classical" but also, far ahead of the curve, and this is why IRI stands head and shoulders above and apart from the "madding crowd".

For publications, technical reports, and "white papers", you must contact us directly.

IRI is growing and we are building strong committed teams of individuals worldwide. We are seeking to hire outstanding individuals and to build outstanding companies and institutions for partnership relations. Read about these opportunities here.

For Investors and Special Clients

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