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IRI - One Company, One Family
Six Core Components - the Alpha Companies

Intelligence Renaissance Industries is a company and a group of companies.

There are six core components to the business, and these are known as the Alpha Companies. These have grown and developed within IRI and have involved acquisitions over the years. These six units are the mainstay and raison d'etre for IRI.

In addition, there are the Beta Companies. These are separate, unique, distinct businesses that have been nurtured, gestated, and brough to birth through IRI as an incubator/accelerator - as "godfather / godmother", if you will. These are companies in which IRI maintains a fiduciary, stakeholder and mentor interest.

Presently, the Six Alpha Units are:

  • OASIS - the OASIS World Environment for personal and social collaboration, leisure, education and trading

  • VULKAN Element Reserve Ltd. - technologies serving industries in mining, mineral processing and metals production

  • CUBIT - cybermachines for communication, security, and specialized industry

  • Vita - health, fitness, wellness technologies

  • C4L Intelligence Systems - control networks for home, vehicle, office, environment

  • Exoplanetary Corporation - space robotics and construction technologies

There is one mature Beta Unit at present. This is:

Elea Corporation - IQ Walker (components and walkers), SOSint (boat safety and emergency services), EMSnet (social information during emergencies and disasters), RoboRescue (emergency airlift and water rescue, and HomeSafetyEd (public education and training for home and personal safety and security).

IRI is growing and we are building strong committed teams of individuals worldwide. We are seeking to hire outstanding individuals, and outstanding companies and institutions for partnership relations. Read about these opportunities here.

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