Mobile, reconfigurable medical diagnostics, treatment and education, with both digital and physical components. The physical systems are constituted by mobile Pod units which resemble containers and trailers, and within the Pods are diagnostic testing labs, provisions for public/patient education and training, emergency medical services, and coordination of antimicrobial bioprotection for surfaces and objects using a coordinated repertoire of antimicrobial chemical treatments and biosensor instrumentation.

Contact IRI directly to discuss precisely what is in a MedAtrium and how it can be custom-configured for your hospital, public health department, corporation, or national agency. We will explain why with RT-PCR coupled with SIMOA and other technologies there is an ability to address the needs of community diagnostics for a complex combination of infectious, inflammatory and neurological diseases "in tandem" and with precision notobtainable through limited testing procedures. We will explain the importance for individual and community health of addressing specific high-risk and high-alert pulmonary and caridovascular conditions that are often linked with specific diseases (e.g., COVID-19, influenza and variants).

MedAtrium can be purchased, leased, and also shared between multiple cooperating institutions and agencies.

The history and roots of MedAtrium go back to the early 2000s and emergency response actions related to hurricanes and other natural disasters, and the global defense against terrorism. Early prototypes were successfully deployed during the H1N1 pandemic of 2009-2010. MedAtrium is economically and socially an integral component in any nation's defense against epiudemic-type diseases becoming ouyt-of-control pandemics with grave lethal consequences.

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