Eyire is an open informatics and analytics system. It provides clinical outcomes and epidemiological simulation, modeling, analysis and forecasts, medical product acceptance and effectiveness prediction and comparison, patient behavioral dynamics and futures analysis, cross-product and cross-market forecasts, focused upon diverse types of both open-population and closed-group demographic segments.

Eyrie collects, organizes, analyzes and presents specific information sets acquired through multiple sources and methods, particularly focusing upon (a) clinical studies and trials managed by pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers and vendors, and (b) epidemiological studies and data acquisition networks managed by public health and medical organizations.

EYRIE employs internal IRI technologies and products as well as other resources and tools which serve as data sources. Within its internal processing, EYRIE organizes information and extracts knowledge according to the prescribed need-vectors as established within the client relationship. The resulting information and knowledge resources are delivered to clients in specific formats in order to optimize the client needs for product development, marketing and deployment, and/or public health and in particular epidemiological response planning and tactical implementations.

Eyrie can be summarized in the following manner:

  • medical and health informatics, analytics, and predictive tools
  • five major inter-connected components:

  • OTEM (Open Tracking Epidemiological Map)

  • MADIT (Mutation and Anomaly Detection, Identification, Tracking and Forecasting)

  • CRAIDO (Community-based Rapid Response Planning and Logistics for Infectious Disease Outbreaks)

  • OPAM (Optimized Prescription and Administration of Medicines) (focused upon novel, innovative, repurposed therapeutics)

  • Hero - health emergency resource optimization, comprising two major functions:

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