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There are currently several optimal opportunities for investment, joint venture partnerships, and other creative and profitable participation within Intelligence Renaissance Industries. These opportunities span all areas of scientific and technical areas of research, product development, and naturally the full scope of product implementation, marketing, sales and customer interactions. There are both equity-financing and debt-financing options available.

For qualified investors and other special partners, there are opportunities within select areas of executive management including board-level directorship positions.

Use the menu above in order to learn about who we are, how we operate, and what a difference we are making in the world, through our science and technology and through the way we operate as a Company. Meet us and learn about our Team and our Foulk Pillars model and approach to Global Business in 2020 and Beyond.

The following is a very useful "summation" of IRI, its products, and its special relationships with a few other organizations including TETRAD Institute, a research organization that has created many of the core technologies now within IRI.

IRI and the "Diamond Khanate"

Our Investment Offering

As you surely know, a $5,000 investment can result in returns exceeding $5 million. People earned substantive returns for Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon. In more recent and dynamic times, some saavy individuals earned $25M million each on their $5K investments in Uber. Such investment opportunities are very hard to find, however, as Venture Capital funds usually block access for individual investors.

At Intelligence Renaissance Industries, we decided to open our Global Private Offering to individuals in order to create a large international network of "brand ambassadors".

The opportunity we offer for your consideration is the following:

Five billion people have been ordered to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic, beginning in February, 2020. COVID continues and will be recurrent. Vaccines alone will absolutely not eradicate COVID. Moreover(!) COVID is **not** the only disease of epidemic, pandemic, and major socioeconomic-effect proportions and consequences! People should not forget about everything else - that has not gone away, will not go away, and COVID vaccines address only COVID, not influenza, norovirus, salmonella, ebola, zika, bubonic plague and all the rest.

Executives, managers and officials around the world are discovering that nearly everything that had been "set in place" and "ready" beforehand was in fact quite not what the world has needed, not scalable, not portable, not reconfigurable and adjustable. Not Good.

It is now past mid-August 2020. The toll from COVID-19 is immense in illness and suffering, in deaths, and in effects across the global society and global economy.

We have a solution. Not only for COVID! Not only "a" solution but multiple, proven, working, effective Solutions, plural. Four of them are ready and in use Today. One is for Tomorrow and it will change the way we think about medicines including vaccines for many diseases and disease-threats.

Our Solutions are robust, acclaimed, and infinitely scalable. They Work. They are Proven., They have been in the field, successfully, in hospitals, schools, universities, offices, shopping malls.

Designated and validated by experts from organizations such as WHO, Global Virology Network (GVN), Cepheid, and from individuals at National Institutes of Health (USA) and many (not just several) universities, hospitals, laboratories, and other centers, Our Solutions - Our Combination of BioProt, Eyrie, and MedAtrium provides, strengthens, boosts and sustains the ability of organizations to protect, to secure, to empower residents, workers, customers, everyone with Improved Public Health Resilience.

Our Solutions aid in the increase and accuracy of productivity through remote distance-based work.

Our investors include current and former executives of Pfizer, Pharmacia, Astra-Zenica, Lockheed-Martin, Battelle, Silicon Dominion, and several other private corporations and governmental agencies.

Our objective is to make IRI, with OASIS, BioProt, Eyrie, MedAtrium and VESID, synonymous with the categories of safety, security, health and sustainability within public health, epidemiology, and social intelligence, globally.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,

With very best wishes,

Intelligence Renaissance Industries

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Our Current Series of New Seminars

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The Medical and Health Seminar Series


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