MedAtrium is for All of Us - Everywhere, Anywhere, Open, Total-Access

Mobile, Modular, Reconfigurable, Interchangeable
Very Accurate and very Portable

Each MedAtrium addresses not only diagnostics of infectious and inflammatory diseases and a wide range of neurological disorders, but also critical pulmonary and cardiovascular issues that are often direct and serious consequences of certain infectious diseases in particular. COVID-19 is only one but indeed a very serious example.

MedAtrium is not only a lab that people can go to in person, wherever one is physically set up. MedAtrium is available online as well for many of its range of services including the full roster of its patient education and proactive healthcare training and lifestyle cultivation. Many diagnostics either require or are significantly enhanced through information and dialog that MedAtrium provides online as well as onsite. The MedAtrium AI Agents (intelligent software) enables people and professionals to better understand the scope and range of what may be healthy or abnormal or questionable conditions in people and thereby enhance personal health, reduce public health risks, and avert pandemic crises and runaway epidemic disease.

We combine PCR and SIM and Antibody Diagnostics and real-time Analytics.

MedAtrium is directly linked and linkable to any medical institution in order to provide not only lab data but aid in the planning and response measures necessary for healthcare institutions such as hospitals to best accommodate rapidly changing case load expectations and incoming case loads.

MedAtrium design is directly a consequence of our team working more than 25 years consistently in emergency response and management, epidemiology, critical and intensive care, and in related areas such as counterterrorism and CBRNE chemical and radiological detection and response.

MedAtrium can be deployed and used to address both biological epidemic/pandemic situations including potential/uncertain developments, but also for other biological, chemical, and radiation-related health risks - Anywhere. We have done our work previously in USA, Costa Rica, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and much of this work has been in high-conflict and full-combat environments.

We have put our hearts and souls and all our minds into making MedAtrium be ergonomical, fault-tolerant, and downright sensible and right for Everyone's Besat Health Protection and Response.

Here are two of the key instruments within each Pod in our growing MedAtrium Network

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