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Our Main Focus in 2021+  ---  in Medicine and Public Health
IRI has been selected as the commercial partner for a new multi-institutional international project in dysautonomia and cardiopathology:
Neuroplex-C Project

IRI research is a highly integrated set of programs spanning from short-term (< 1 year completions) to mid-range (2-3 years) to long-term (4-5 years) and extended research (> 5 years) that encompasses areas of necessary and optimal growth for all society including all business, globally and locally.

All of IRI's research is highly interconnected, mutually enhancing, and synergetic in terms of core science and technologies (physics and complex systems including chemical and biological) and applications. Each R&D component helps to advance and sustain others within the Company's family of projects; this is both by intention and by the nature of our work.

The social and community utility and practical benefits of our work are fundamental to IRI's mission and raison d'etre. This includes everything within our VESID, MedAtrium and Eyrie program

VESID is a research and development program underway leading to rapid definition, testing, and authorization approvals for antiviral medications of both prophylactic and therapeutic natures. VESID is focused upon infectious disease (ID), inflammatory disease (FD) and neurological disorders (ND) including certain autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and dementia. We have discovered common fundamentals that are enabling us today to construct new, viable, and sound models for understanding both origins and treatments for several disorders and diseases which have defied many prior approaches.

Additionally, there are several applications beyond medicine and health, beyond virology and infectious disease, for what is underlying VESID, our discoveries in topological orders, efficiencies, dependencies, and stabilities within several levels (scales) of Nature. Some of the applications from VESID are in seemingly diverse aereas such as minerals and oil/gas, and in cooperative robotics for space including for providing solutions to rogue asteroids that threaten all human life and All Life on Earth. Think about that.

Our further research includes also extensions and advances to our current MedAtrium products, and to the Eyrie software suite.

BioProt research continues and grows, ongoing, even as the product and service is "post-research, all development complete". There are always new situations, new contexts, new Needs.

MedAtrium is more than a laboratory, more than a mobile emergency clinic, more than a classroom. It is physical and it is digital, open to All. Our implementation onboard a unique sailing ship creates the world's first such service, combining a popular and historical attraction with the most advanced medical diagnostics possible.

Eyrie delivers global and open informatics and analytics which enables and empowers all people - citizens, care-givers, providers, managers, and governments. It is a unique approach to building and distributing knowledge that enhances participation, ensures privacy, and empowers people and organizations at all levels. Eyrie is particularly valuable to agencies and companies developing and delivering pedical instruments, supplies (including PPE) and pharmaceutical products, for long-term strategic planning and short-term, rapid turn-around decision-making.

OASIS is also active within our continued and unabated Research, even as it is today a fully-compete and operational suite of both software and persona, human services. OASIS - Open Autopoietic Social intelligence Synthesis and this is all about extending and refining the Intelligent Uses of Synthetic Intelligence ("AI") for Human Uses and always for Benefits of Society and Civilization.

All of our research is extensive and directed in focal ways within the integrated and coupled fields of health and medicine, social media and communications, and applications of control theory, computer science and cybernetics. Rooted in our collective advances within fundamental physics and complex systems, our programs extend beyond the traditional scope of medicine and information sciences. They include:

Life        (R)Evolution

As astra per aspera

Sic parvis magna

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