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About IRI - Our People, Our TEAM

Our Corporate Leadership, Management and Development Team

We emphasize in our Four Pillars business model and methods - in everything we do with products and clients - the Importance of TEAM.

We Are a Team, just like those in professional sports, international competitions like Olympics and World Cups, just like those in the corporations, universities and international organizations We Serve.

We have Team Spirit All the Way in Everything We Do. We Play to Win, We Dare to Win, We Never Say Never, We practice "Semper Fi" all the way, and in Everything - We Serve Your Interests Best by doing - what we do - exactly - precisely.

We are organized with a traditional Board of Directors (BOD) and the Executive Management Council (EMC) which is comprised of concentric circles of leaders. The Council (EMC) consists of the Executive Circle (EC) and the Management Circle (MC).

Executive Circle (EC)
The Executive Circle (EC) consists of executive officers who oversee the major divisions of corporate functions and who work with and through the Management Circle (MC) team members in the control of operational, technical, and resource units of the Company.

  • Internal Board
    The Internal Board constitutes the members of the Executive Circle that serve on the Corporate Board of Directors

  • Chief Executive Officer and Science Officer (CEO/CSO): Martin Joseph Dudziak, PhD
    Chairman of Board of Directors

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO): Rachael Csencsits, PhD (Cand.)
    Member of Board of Directors

  • Europe Business Director (EBD): Margarita Walsh
    Member of Board of Directors

Management Circle (MC)
The Management Circle consists of senior-level members of the Company who control operational, technical, and resource units of the Company. These persons are directly engaged with the indicated functions. They directly manage other personnel who conduct operations as members of staff or as specialized contractors and who report to these individuals. Additional members of the management team include within the MC:

also within the MC: IRI's Business Development Core Team

Future Growth in the IRI Corporate Management Circle (MC)

  • Sales, Contracts and Grants
  • Legal Affairs and Public Relations
  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • International Relations
  • Members of Staff
  • Facilities and Resources
  • Major Clients
  • Partners and Contractors
  • Vita Quadrant - BioProt, MedAtrium, Eyrie and VESID
  • Nous Quadrant - OASIS
  • Qi Quadrant - CUBIT
  • Exo Quadrant - ASTRIC
  • STEM Operations
  • Products and Services
  • Security
  • Administration

IRI is growing and we are building strong committed teams of individuals worldwide. We are seeking to hire outstanding individuals, and outstanding companies and institutions for partnership relations. Read about these opportunities here.

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