COMMUNITY = the Heart and Soul,
the essence of what IRI and Our Work
is All About

We have much to say and to share on this topic. Everything in our approach, foundations, and work - everything about our research, our products, our business, is about People, Community, Society, and Life.

At the foreground now of all our corporate and community responsibility, all our social giving and sharing, is our work in the Elea product line of our C4L Division - ELEA ( with its personal and family focused products, but also we are continuing to evolve MedAtrium and also the uses of Eyrie and the progrss in our VESID Research Program. The same holds true for everything in other R&D and product areas.

We believe very strongly in Teamwork and Corporate Response-Ability with other organizations. We are also very active in supporting the work of Mirnova Foundation with its scholarship programs.

It is a duty, it is dharma, it is caritas, it is part of the Natural Order of Things.

This social focus of our work comes together into a number of specific Community Response-Ability projects. These are current, ongoing, and some are right-now and some sare coming in the nearest possible future.

One that is Right-Now is the

Sāngāng Wŭcháng ​三纲五常
Scholarship Program for Youth

We are teamed with TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics on Socially-Serving Apoplications using Science, Technology and the Arts and Humanities. This includes a major focus upon identifying and eradicating problems of Abuse, Hate, Trafficking, Slavery, Subjugation in our global society.

Read more at ATS Overview

We also work with TETRAD Institute in areas of direct medical and public health service, with a focus on maternal and infant health and the reduction of maternal deaths during late pregnancy and post-childbirth.

Read more at MWIN -- Help Mothers WIN Life!

Thanks to incredible good fortune and benefactors - corporate and individual, we are able to undertake all these remarkable new ways to Serve People.

There are outstanding opportunities for bright, energetic, free-thinking and daring people at IRI and for profitable team-building with other companies and institutions.
Read about these opportunities here.

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