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A Brief Introduction

Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI) is a privately-held corporation in the USA, founded in 2018 by Dr. Martin Joseph Dudziak, PhD.

There are six core business units, each a separate company presentlyu wholly-owned by IRI and its principals. These are:

Our Mission in life as a Company is to strategically develop optimal means for people as individuals, groups and institutions to achieve and sustain health and vitality, and through such, to attain and sustain wealth and affluence, and in all of this, meaningful purposeful living. This is our fundamental mission and set of objectives. Our tactics involve STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) in the areas wherein we excel above and beyond others. Our activities incoporate both products and services, employing information and knowledge technologies as well as instrumentation, both physical and digital. What we do enables, enhances and empowers people to optimize their opportunities to address needs within matters of physical life-and-death as well as attainment of happiness and fulfillment in living.

Our focus is on (1) the products we have developed to date, including our gains through acquisitions of other companies and their holdings, and (2) the ongoing research and development, which is extensive and fully integrated with our mission and business focus.

We began with and continue to emphasize health, medicine, and especially public health and issues of socioeconomic stability and vitality, because of the fundamental importance and publicly recognized needs for such. This constitutes the basis for our product-service array: BioProt, Eyrie, MedAtrium, VESID, and as the hub as well as the circumference of all this and more, OASIS.

Before IRI was founded as a Company, the founders and principals worked in multi-disciplinary STEMM fields and in global, multi-national environments, designing and building projects and programs with international, multi-cultural applications. This continues within IRI today and henceforth.

As pioneers of the silk Road Oasis Initiative, we are bringing new solutions and new investments with advances in science and technology spanning medicine, healthcare, social communications, energy, agriculture, and space to serve growing markets and developing economies around the world, beginning with a focus upon Eurasia and the physical-informational channels and pathways known historically as the "Silk Road". We are very active in North America, our "home base" operationally, with an Axis of activity that has begun between Northern Michigan and Alabama, but which now radiates across USA, Canada, and the Western Hemisphere. We operate now with collaborative and joint venture partners in other countries around the world.

All technologies, instruments, assays, and protocols employed within MedAtrium and BioProt systems and procedures, and within Eyrie information systems, are fully authorized governmentally for proper and apporopriate medical use within respective countries of BioProt / MedAtrium / Eyrie deployment.

VESID is currently in the research stage and its projected consumer-medicine products are proceeding into in vitro and subsequent in vivo experiments and trials. Announcements will be made in the proper course of time.

OASIS is the most unique product operating in both the physical as well as digital world-spaces. It has been designed to provide what is not available elsewhere, from anyone, and it is spans, it integrates, cohesively, functions and powers for Communication, for Collaborating, for Meeting, for Educating, for Entertaining, and for Trading in very personalized, private, secure, and creative ways. OASIS is the Future of commodities and futures trading. OASIS is the Future of personalized and profitable gaming and playing. OASIS transforms "virtual reality" worlds into "realizable futures" - and more.

Products and applications of IRI products within the agriculture, energy, and space fields are truly revolutionary advances that will make our business and national partners be strong leaders in our dynamically-changing world. Our sponsors, investors and supporters have a true "leading edge" that empowers them in this century and beyond. The "return on investment" for all IRI sponsors, investors, clients and employees is unmistakable, remarkable, and unparalleled. IRI is positioned to be one of the dominant controlling forces in the remainder of this 21st century and beyond - on Planet Earth, beneath its surface, and far beyond in Space.

IRI is growing and we are building strong committed teams of individuals worldwide. We are seeking to hire outstanding individuals, and outstanding companies and institutions for partnership relations. Read about these opportunities here.

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