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IRI Products

Medicine, Healthcare and Much More
Intelligent Satisfying Sustainable Living

Our product line begins with BioProt, MedAtrium and Eyrie and extends into what is coming through our VESID Research.

BioProt, well-established, provides Intelligent Antimicrobial Bioprotection for facilities, articles and objects, surfaces, and the monitoring to follow-through and maintain protection.

MedAtrium provides diagnostics, testing and patient follow-up, for a wide range of infectious and contagious diseases with ability to rapidly reconfigure and move the lab to new locations for virtually instant walk-up service.

Eyrie in turn provides the scientific, technological, and computational foundations for its expansion into the full range of OASIS.

OASIS is the social media and toolssets for People to engage in what we call the COMET functions - Communication, Collaborating, Meeting (making and manufacturing), Education and Entertainment (gaming), and Trading. But we begin first with seerving people's needs in health and wellness, and progressively in other areas of interest and need, including energy, agriculture and nutrition, and environment.

CSIHS - more than a "product"

We are embedding and integrating all of our technologies and products into a unified, flexible programme for communities - towns, cities, regional civic bodies - and for institutions - universities, school sytems, hospitals and clinics, and corporations. This is called
Community Sustainable Infrastructures for Health and Safety (CSIHS)

CSIHS = Responsive Action in events of non-epidemic/pandemic infectious disease outbreaks: The systems-in-place for all of this have not been working and are ineffective. So among the improvements will be Pods that are essentially MedAtriums but with different instruments, for environmental and chemical analyses (not only relating to infectious disease pathogens). We use GC-MS, AA, HPLC, ion mobility, SPM, Raman. Given the modularity of the Pod designs, it is straightforward to swap in/out different instruments and their accoutrements of testing hardware and labware. The rest of the Pod stays the same. Total Modularity and Reconfigurability is the “magic”.


There are other products in the pipeline and well underway in their research and development phases today. these include:

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