OASIS is a social environment, within the digital (internet) world-space and also with defined physical world-space components including a variety services. It is a dynamic world of communication, collaboration, meetei ng, entertaining including gaming, education, and trading, and it is built by, grows by, and profits by People Interacting Together. OASIS is a Market for its Members doing Meeting, Trading, Protecting, and Adventuring. OASIS is Commodities and Futures Trading, and Investment Securities Banking, as it has never been done in modern times. OASIS draws strongly upon classical methods that far predate the internet and our highly depersonalized way of doing business. OASIS restores Personalization to Business and to the internet as a means for communicating, trading, and enjoying Life.
OASIS is fully operational today.

TERRA is a World being built by People - members of the OASIS world-community.
It provides [initially medical-focused, but later expanding more broadly] personal and social environments and interactive platforms for enhancing the comprehensive “COMEET” (“COMET”) experience through Communication, Collaboration, Making (fabrication), Education, Entertainment (gaming) and Trading, in ways that are directed at improving Health, Vitality, Longevity, Sustainability.

The core OASIS informatics environment provides individuals and social groups with COMET/COMEET functions & operations, in the context of digital/virtual communities and highly interactive experiences, and also with selective physical (non-digital, noninternet) experience-opportunities.
This is not purely “virtual-world, augmented-reality, etc.” and it is not limited to the architectures and methodologies found in current “social networks” offered on the internet to-date. (Within COMET are now appropriate absorbed the functions described in previous IRI/OASIS documents: XMOS, I-Bank (Kerberos), and also Oasis Clinic for Neurophysiological Wellness).
(Note: COMET (COMEET) = communication, collaboration, making/manufacturing, education, entertainment/games, trading)

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