Join the IRI Team - What and Who we seek and offer

A Brief Introduction

Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI) is producing, contracting, selling, and growing. We are a Company with a well-defined and very unique philosophy about how we exist, how we work as a team, as a community of intelligent and creative persons and partner organizations.

We are open, receptive, and desirous of bringing into our corporate team and family some very special people. Persons with a variety of complementary professional, technical and personal skills, talents, interests and goals. The requirements are many, high, and demanding. We have the Best People and we are bringing onboard more of the Best. The rewards are accordingly, naturally, also the Best.

Read about our business, our STEMM focal areas and products. ("STEMM" is our abbreviation for "science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine". For us, all of these fit together in a very organic, cohesive and intelligent manner.)) Read about how we are changing the world for necessary ways and all of this benefits Civilization and Life including individuals and that means "Us - You and I and We and They".

Read and learn about positions within our Staff, comprising both "STEMM" and the business operations of administration, finance, marketing, sales and other critical functions. Read also about some opportunities in our close-affiliate, TETRAD Institute, which is separate, distinct, but closely aligned in our STEMM research areas of interest and primacy.

If you are a person who genuinely wants to apply your skills, your knowledge, your abilities, in ways that will contribute to a serious (R)Evolution, a paradigm shift, in many of the ways we use "STEMM" for the benefit of People, and Life as a Whole - and you wish and expect that this should be personally valuable to you, with outstanding compensation and benefits for your work, with security for you and your family and dependents - then contact us because we may have some important things to discuss and do together!

Read about these opportunities here.

For Investors and Special Clients