Staff-level positions within IRI

Growing the IRI Management Team - All About Who We Are Inviting Aboard

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Our Management Team is a unitary family of experts within the important areas of our work today and for the future. We have two groups that work closely together, functionally operating in matrix format, and organizationally in a classic structure.

The Executive Management Circle (EMC) consists of the Chief Executive Officer and close partners. Each such member in the EMC is a committed member of the Organization and an investor in several manners (not only financial).

The overall Corporate Management Team (CMT) includes staff who are responsible for each area of the company's life and activities. Everyone serving in the CMT has an expertise and a specialty that is in him or her to develop, to flourish, to share. Each member of the CMT has individual and group responsibilities and each person has familiarity and comfort with our science, technology, and products. Thus we have one cohesive Team making certain that everything runs smoothly, ethically, harmoniously - and profitably.

These are the types of people we are seeking Today. Detailed descriptions are available and will be given to serious inquiries. This list also includes positions for our close affiliate, TETRAD Institute, separate entity, a non-profit institution devoted to basic and fundamental research in the sciences. There are opportunities for some persons, some positions, that may span working for and within both organizations, IRI and TI.

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